Twin Flame Valentine’s

Valentine’s Day celebrates “love” – hearts and flowers and jewelry type of love.

Twin flame love is so much more.

For us (Jill and Remi) to truly love each other and be together the way we are now, we’ve had to go into our darkest deepest emotional basements and purge out our old fears, wounds and beliefs, let go of all attachment (to pretty much everything, including the ways we wanted each other to “meet our needs” or be different in any way), jumped over many “impossible” hurdles to be together, walked through the fires of transformation over and over again, done countless hours of healing and clearing, faced our deepest shadow selves (both within and together), opened our hearts of compassion to everything that is “unlovable” in ourselves and each other…

We’ve been through hundreds of hours of crying, purging through rage, feeling abandoned, feeling unfairly treated, judging, blaming, thinking the other guy was the problem (nope!), stuck in old habits, thinking we were right when really we were just holding onto something out of fear…

It has not been a “hearts and flowers” type of journey!

Your twin flame journey has likely not been filled with a lot of hearts and flowers either.  That is because – that is not what you are here for!  You are here for so much more.

As a twin flame, you are so much more than a “lover” – you are a sacred alchemist.

“Love” on Earth is going through a transformation, coming home to its roots of what it is intended to be, and finally taking flower on the Earth plane.

You, brave soul, come to Earth with a plan — the wonderful idea that you and your twin flame would be a part of this revolution happening today, that you would play your part. You knew it wouldn’t be easy, you knew you would have to give up and sacrifice much, you knew you would be going against the grain of what others taught you to think, feel, believe and want.  Yet we forget that is what we are up to, and we yearn for the “hearts and flowers” anyway.  We need to remember who we are and what we’re really up to.

If you think of the twin flame journey as more of an epic adventure like the Wizard of Oz, Harry Potter, the Lord of the Rings – rather than the “love” stories we are raised to believe in – you’ll have a much better map of what this journey really is and what you can expect.

It’s a hero’s journey – and if you start off trying to wear a princess dress (or the male version of one), you’re going to figure out pretty soon that’s not what is needed!  Better take off the satin and put on your adventure gear.

This journey is about so much more than you and your small self, your attachments and desires.  In fact, the more you let go of all of that, the more you receive.  All hero’s journeys are done for a bigger purpose, and you and your journey are no different — you are here to help transform the world.

You need a hero’s map and a hero’s tools, you need to know where you’re going and how to meet the challenges along the way.  And you need to remember your twin flame in all of this — they are on their own hero’s journey too.

They haven’t shown up on the white horse yet to rescue you because they aren’t supposed to — this is a co-creation where we are both the heroes.  In this story, there is no guaranteed “end” — that is up to you, depending on the inner work you do, the choices you make and the actions you take.  It’s your hero’s journey after all.

If you’re not with your twin now, and are feeling lonely and deprived today when others are out there with their hearts and flowers, remember what you came for is so much more than that. Set your eye on a higher prize.

Re-imagine today as a sacred celebration of you and your twin flame as embodiments of the divine whose story is not yet made its full arc.  You are still on the adventure.  Fill yourself today with appreciation for all you’ve been through, what you’ve endured, what you’ve learned, how you’ve grown and transformed.  Look for the richness in this journey, rather than what you lack.  If you look, you will find it.

Take your seat as the divine transformational being you are.  Let go of the old “dream” – it wasn’t really your truest dream anyway, it was just what you were conditioned to believe.  Take your new “dream” – that of a cosmic epic adventure where you are a hero in a very great story, complete with heroes, villains, and lots of hardship and difficulty – and also unexpected help, miracles when you least expect them, magical experiences that defy belief, and sacred companions for the journey.

Journey on, sacred adventurer!  We’ll see you on the path <3.

All our love,

Jill & Remi


© Twin Flame Healers 2018

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