For those of you feeling discouraged on your twin flame path…

For those of you feeling discouraged in your twin flame path…

Remember the saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day” — well neither are twin flame unions.

This is a deep, transformative journey and for many twin flames it is a long (long!) process — a spiritual marathon that requires more than we think we have inside us sometimes. We’ve come up with 45 different areas that we see as crucial to transform and/or upgrade in order to ascend, be on your mission, and come into union more fully with your twin flame. 45!!! Until you have taken ALL the steps and focused on ALL of the areas you need to — don’t give up! It just means there is more to transform. And you can do it — you were built for it. You just need a map and tools — and you need to keep at it and not give up. Persistence is key.

In 2018, on planet Earth, there is no reason why anyone who wants to heal, transform and come into union cannot do this. We’re not talking about “everyone can have 3D union” because from what we can tell some will and some won’t — and for some twin flames that is not even the plan.

3D union or not — the twin flame path is still a massive gift (and if you’re not seeing it like this, you have some things to clear and transform). Even for those who are not “planning” full union this lifetime, or for whom it will not happen — you can make such huge strides in ascension, mission and high vibration existence, and help the planet anyway — and why not give it EVERYTHING you have?

You are here on the planet for a reason — and that reason is so much bigger than you and your human experience this lifetime. You are a divine eternal being who is here on Earth to transform on behalf of humanity and to help Earth ascend — that’s our perspective. And twin flames have an even bigger job — to create a transformed, unified field of energy that creates massive waves of transformation, healing and love that is helping this planet ascend. We know this because we have experienced it, and we have seen it from some of you.

Yes all of this transformation is a huge job and yes it can take awhile to see 3D results, and it can be tempting to want to “give up” and quit doing the work. But where does that leave you? Not on your divine path, and for sure, no closer to union! Remember if you do the work: “No evidence, no evidence, no evidence — big evidence!” Yes, and yes! If you haven’t seen the “evidence” yet — keep going, because it’s coming.

And you have bigger challenges or more to transform than most — great — that means you are a powerful soul who is likely here to be a teacher, healer, wayshower, alchemist, transformer, etc. — or have some other big mission. Don’t see yourself as a “hopeless case” — you’re not.

The gifts that come on this journey are many — and the further and higher you go, the more gifts you receive — and there are NO EXCEPTIONS if you keep at it. Trust us, you are not the one person that will not “get it” if you truly really commit to your path and transformation, your mission, union and ascension and DO THE WORK required.

This is not a quick and easy “fix” — don’t expect it to be.

But you can expect — and receive — miracles and upgrades if you know what need to transform, and have the tools to transform it. And you can expect — and receive — both 5D and 3D results (though they may not show up in the forms you expect) if you keep going and don’t give up. You are no exception to this rule, it is spiritual truth.

ASK for help if you need it — it will come. And if you’re feeling totally stuck and blocked, and you’re doing healing work already, most likely there is a hidden block you can’t see — reach out for help for someone who really knows what they’re doing to help you. ONE hidden block can stop you in your tracks until you clear it — but again, all you have to do is see it (or get someone to help you see it), transform it, and on your way you are.

Our most powerful blocks can be our most powerful gifts once we transform them. And as you transform them, you learn something in the process, and then you can share it with others, and it all helps you on your path anyway. You can’t lose — keep going, keep going, keep going!

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