We Said Yes! Our Next Level of Sacred Union

On December 8, 2011, my life changed forever. It was the first time I looked into the most incredible eyes I’d ever seen — bright blue, full of knowing, and all I could think about was “I know you!” and all I could feel was waves of the purest, most unconditional love I’d ever felt. Remi, my twin flame (though I’d never heard of twin flames before that day!).

Our journey actually started a few weeks earlier, when I was looking for a healer for my sensitive soul son, and I wanted just the right one. I’d been searching for awhile, but on a day a few days before Thanksgiving, a video popped up with my search words. I clicked on it, and there he was! The feeling that rushed through me was so intense, and the words that popped into my mind were “I should have waited for him.” Huh?

He was talking about healing for indigo kids, and every word out of his mouth was something I recognized, something I could have (or had actually) said myself. It was like experiencing another version of me, but with enough polarity that I was intensely attracted, on a different level than I’d ever felt — soul attraction (as corny as that sounds)!

I knew immediately he was the healer I had been looking for, and I emailed him right away asking for a session. He replied, and gave me his last session spot before he was leaving for India for six weeks.

The day of our session, I was so nervous and excited. Of course I had to look good (hehe) since we were going to be on Skype. It turns out it didn’t matter of course, but those were my girly thoughts at the time.

The time came, and there he was. By the end of the session, finding out I was a healer too, he asked me for a trade, turning me into a colleague rather than a client (good move, Remi!) right away.

After we hung up, I was shaking — literally trembling with so much energy moving through my body that my teeth were chattering. I called a dear friend and she intuitively tapped in and said, “This just changed your life.” We had no idea….

Anyway, that was just over five years ago, and as you all know our journey has taken many twists and turns and ups and downs and we have really dived in full time, full hearted and full souled into this twin flame dance. Although we are fully committed, marriage was never important to us — we’d both been there, done that and honestly both of us had some fears and reservations about going down that road again, even with each other.

But recently, it started to come up more and more and we finally said, “let’s do it!” It felt like the right next move for us and felt important somehow in terms of going to the next level of union — taking it all the way down into 3D — married.

On the fifth anniversary of our first meeting, I flew down to California where Remi was soaking up some sun, and when we woke up on day 1 of year 6 of our journey, I was getting some incredible downloads about twin flames and a few glimpses into the next phase of our journey of mission.

We went out to breakfast, and the conversation turned to, “maybe we should just do it, this week while we’re here” and then to “why not today?” It just felt right, the first day of our sixth year, December 9. We checked the numerology — good. Astrology — fine. No roadblocks.

So, in typical fashion for us, going with the flow, we got our license that morning, found a wedding officiant who did same day weddings (a goddess!), and with zero planning and wearing our sandals, had the most beautiful, spontaneous, joyful wedding, just the two of us and our wedding helpers, on Butterfly Beach.

Our vows were spontaneous and I couldn’t even tell you what we said, except I was crying through most of it with utter joy and the bliss was incredible.

I’m honestly surprised at how great it feels to be married to each other — we never cared about it before but it feels amazingly right and like we’ve come even closer together.

We’re ready to soar now into our next phase of Union and Mission — we’ve gotten some big messages which we’ll share with you soon.

For now, we send you all our love and our blessings with the bliss of our wedding and new marriage and sacred union at this next level — and we’re ready to help you go onward and upward into your own sacred union and mission. It’s never just about us anymore, we’re all in this together .

Namaste and jai ho!

© Twin Flame Healers

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