Using Intense Energies to Go Higher & Complete Your Mission

Right now, Earth is very intense, no doubt about it. Our perspective is that these intense energies are part of a bigger cosmic plan that you have an important role in, and instead of being here to torture you, they are the very fuel you need for your mission and your union.

We’ve seen that while Earth was designed by high beings as a place of learning, experience, and expansion, there were some energies that disrupted the installation of the plan, making things here much harder than they were intended to be. You’ve all felt the results of this over many lifetimes, and certainly this one.

What if we told you that there is a cosmic plan happening right now to rectify this and shift Earth into the place of dynamic harmony it was intended to be, and as a result, many advanced souls from all over the Universe have chosen to come here to help during this time of transformation?

If this resonates for you, read on.

This plan includes you (and all advanced souls and twin flames on the planet). Because you wanted to come help, you have chosen a more difficult incarnation than would be desirable under normal Earth circumstances in order to do your mission. You also chose to come with the full sensitivity you needed for the same reason, knowing full well this would be an intense time and the energies would be hard to manage.

Even though it is very hard to be here right now for many advanced souls and twin flames, you can learn how to use the energies that are here to help you in your mission and union as a twin flame.  No matter how hard it is, you have what it takes to do your mission and your union; you just need some knowledge and tools to do it.

Some of you are waiting for your twin flame to be “ready” to do your mission – don’t wait. You can use the twin flame energy to do the mission no matter what they are up to. You have a twin flame, but more importantly, you ARE a twin flame. Right now. That can never be taken away from you. You have access to the twin flame energy every second of every day forever. That is you.

To wait on the 3D actions of another person is a huge mistake many twin flames are making. Your twin may not be ready to tolerate the twin flame energy in your presence for years (or even decades). You didn’t sign up to wait around and suffer. Take action.

  • Get clear on what your mission is and start doing it, even if you can only do a bit of it right now, do what you can. You gain power and energy by doing your mission.
  • Get your priorities straight and serve your mission and union as fully as you can – if you are fueling the old paradigm, you are losing energy.
  • Take back your power – know how to manage your sensitivity, and how to clear negative energies around you.
  • Learn how to clear very broadly – just clearing for yourself isn’t enough. Your mission is bigger than that.
  • Clear your family patterns/ancestral templates.
  • Focus on healing and harmonizing with your twin flame at the soul level.
  • Learn how to fuel union rather than separation.

Yes, it is ideal for many of you to be in full union in the 3D with your twin flames and to do your mission together in the physical, however many twin flames need to adjust the mission to accommodate the difficult circumstances many have chosen.

If the union is not able or ready to come together in the physical, you have two choices: go down, or go up. We suggest you go up.

Yes it can be difficult to maintain the twin flame energy when separated, but you can do it. Make a choice, get the tools, and do it. Don’t waste the opportunity you have.

Not just for yourself, the world is depending on twin flames – this is a rescue mission. Take your job as a twin flame and advanced soul as the essential one it is.

© Twin Flame Healers 2015

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