Welcome twin flames, soul mates, and everyone on the path of ascension, mission, and union. We’re so glad you found us!

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Our Mission

We are Jill and Remi — healers, intuitive guides and twin flames in union.  We are here to help you in your own journey of ascension, mission, and union.

While our primary focus is helping twin flames, we are also here to serve all advanced souls (indigos, starseeds, lightworkers, sensitive souls, and parents of advanced soul children), whether or not you are on a twin flame path. 

We are here to serve you whether you want to focus on relationship issues, heal from a very dysfunctional childhood, are negatively impacted by various energies, are a healer who wants to expand your skills, want to be more fully on your divine mission, want get out of victimhood and into your divine power, and learn how to live a joyful, abundant, purposeful life on Earth.   

If you are a twin flame, we are here to help you navigate both the transformational union and ascension process, and the deep “dark night of the soul” where all of the unhealed wounds of both the individual, soul group, ancestral and collective templates are brought to the surface to be transmuted and alchemized — while living your 3D life on Earth. 

We focus on both the spiritual, mystical aspect of twin flame ascension and union, and the practical “real life” aspects that must be dealt with – pre-existing marriages, kids, money, family templates and belief systems opposing your union, past life issues, and so on.

Our mission is to help you have the map, the tools, and the guidance and support you need to help you get out of struggle and into more bliss, healing, peace, transformation, mastery and union.  

Transforming Blockages

We give you the tools you need to transform your blockages to twin flame union, mission and ascension here: Transforming Blockages to Your Twin Flame Union

In this powerful six-part webinar, we help you heal and transform as many of the major blockages to your twin flame union and mission as we can pack in, plus give you the tools to continue healing on your own after this series, and lots of other goodies including ongoing support just for our Transforming Blockages team!

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Ascension and Union Groups

If you are wanting to make quantum leaps in your journey of union, ascension and healing with our support, are willing to learn and use the tools you need to do your own healing work, and are ready to take positive action steps in your life – this group is for you!

Our Ascension & Union Groups create a deep community and a very rich opportunity for transformation in all areas of your ife. We have gotten such positive feedback from past participants about the impact these groups have had on them, and also how much they get from interacting with the other group members, practicing their transformational tools, and having an ongoing “spotlight” on their union, mission, and ascension journey.

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Essential Webinar Series

The twin flame journey is both an intensely spiritual experience, and a path that requires an enormous amount of mastery, skill, and practical, grounded knowledge to keep making progress and getting where you want to go.

Dancing With Your Twin Flame:

Essential Healing for 3D Connection

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Navigating the Journey: Essential Healing for Twin Flames

This webinar is for all twin flames at any stage of the journey — if you’re just starting out, blessed be! — here is the map we wish we had when we were starting!

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Parenting & Your Twin Flame Journey:

Essential Healing for Twin Flames with Children

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Twin Flame Healing Videos

We try to put out many informative videos as we can to help Twin Flames in their journey

Twin Flames: Three Stages to Union

What are the three stages of the divine masculine, divine feminine, and sacred union, and how do you get to “Stage 3” — sacred union with your beloved? This video includes healing visualizations at the end.

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Your Map to Greater Union (Healing Video)

We share with you our newly-created “map to union” and do guidance & healing for three topics from the map: the heart chakra, “other players” such as spouses and children, and being in the 3D/on Earth more fully.

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Transforming the “Runner” Dynamic in Your Twin Flame Union

In this video, we talk about why the twin flame “runner” runs — how the “chaser’s” response can make things better or worse — and what you can do to help resolve this dynamic.

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Browse our many Webinars

We continue to add new webinares all of the time. Feel free to browse and find the webinar most suited to you. 

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A  sample of what others are saying about working with us:

“Working with Remi and Jill has transformed my life in a short time! They are gifted healers and spiritually aware. With great skill and compassion they utilize many healing modalities and with Higher assistance connect to the core issues and usher in positive transformation. On behalf of myself and my Twin Flame, I am profoundly grateful.”

~ Renee G., USA

“You both are beautiful caring souls. The real deal. You both knew things that (my twin) and I were thinking and feeling word for word! I am glad there are real Twin Flames like you that are here to help others on their journey when we feel like we are going crazy and want to give up. There is so much fake stuff online about twin flames it is getting kind of out of control on YouTube but genuine real twin flames will be guided towards you for help. I have told others about you so hopefully they have made an appointment and get the proper help from you both. Sending you love and light. Words can’t thank you enough!”

J.B., Canada